Former club member features in Vogue

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Former club member features in Vogue

Sam Dixon, a former member of Partington Screamin’ Wheels in Greater Manchester, featured in article where she, along with two other NHS nurses, talked about their nursing experiences during the COVID19 pandemic.

Sam, who was talking about her club and NABGC experiences as part of an interview for our YouTube Channel, said “It’s really weird.” She joked, “I look at the other people who have been in Vogue – Madonna, Beyonce and now me.”

Sam is a Neo-Natal Nurse Practitioner at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, and along with two other nurses on maternity wards, spoke to British Vogue as part of a Mother’s Day feature. You can read the article here,but unlike the rest of us over the last 12-months or so, Sam encourages hugs and cuddles as part of her job in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, where parents savour such moments with their new born and very often premature babies.

But Sam joined NABGC National Director Andy Hamill, to talk about her club and NABGC experiences. She took time out of her day to explain how she started going along to her local club and how she progressed to get involved in leadership at the club, volunteering at residentials and eventually getting involved in the NABGC American Exchange Programme which became a life changing experience for her.

Sam explains that getting involved in a youth club helped increase her confidence and birthed a passion for the outdoors that she continues to pursue today getting out on long walks in the countryside. Her time in America really opened her eyes to the many opportunities that life has and reaffirmed her desire to pursue a career working with children which is what she does now. And she has made lifelong friends as a result of her exchange in Spokane, America who she visits as often as she can.

Sam finished the interview by saying that she passes a youth club everyday on her way to work. “Sadly,” she says, “It’s closed. Which makes me feel so sad as I received so much from you guys and I’d love for more young people to get the same chances I had.” She said that if there is anything she can do to help, she wants to.

Everyone at Screamin’ Wheels and at NABGC are so proud of Sam and extremely thankful for all that she and all of her NHS colleagues have done throughout the pandemic as well as during normal times. They all deserve to be featured in Vogue alongside Madonna and Beyonce. You can see the full interview on our NABGC YouTube Channel by clicking here.