Kickstart Starts

Opening Doors to Great Futures

Kickstart Starts

NABGC has had it’s first young people start their employment as part their Kickstart scheme.

Three young people started work at Frenford Clubs, who are members of Essex Boys & Girls.

Zainab Azeeb, Brian Bani, Teddie Barnes & Syed Hussain started work for the club just before Easter, on Thursday 1st April.

The three new employees will be fulfilling a variety of roles at the local youth club. Brian and Teddie will be taking up sports coaching roles at the club. Zainab will be assisting with fundraising and Syed will be promoting the great work that the Frenford Club does in his role as a Marketing and Social Media Assistant.

They will all receive a range of training opportunities and work experience that will allow them to progress in their careers, which is what they are all keen to do.

Teddie said, “I hope this will allow me to improve my coaching skills and knowledge around Basketball as well as other sports.”

Syed is pleased that he is going to be gaining valuable experience in e-commerce, “I hope to gain a better understanding of e-commerce and how businesses utilise social media platforms to gain customers and attention.” he said.

Our members and their clubs will also gain a great deal from having the new employees with them.

We are starting to get a number of placements beginning and so we wish Zainab, Brian, Teddie, Syed and all our new Kickstart ‘starters’ well in their placements.


Kickstart is the governments scheme for young people facing challenges with gaining employment. Kickstart allows them to have a 6-month work placement with an employer at national minimum wage for a minimum of 25-hours. Employers provide a suitable placement and support in gaining further employment.