Drop in at the House

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Drop in at the House

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On Tuesday 23rd March the NABGC Trustees hosted a drop in event at the Houses of Parliament.

The event was kindly hosted by Tim Farron MP, who was also promoting a bill that he was putting to the House aimed at ensuring children and young people have more access to outdoor education.

As well as Tim Farron we were pleased to welcome a number of other MP’s including Lilian Greenwood who is the Minister with responsibility for youth and civil society.

Also kindly supporting us was Ravi Bopara, international cricketer, broadcaster and former member of Frenford Clubs.

It was a worthwhile event and a number of positive contacts have been made with further conversations to follow.

Thank you to Tim Farron and his team for hosting us and helping organise the event, and especially to Tim and his words of support and encouragement for our work and that of our members and the many volunteers they support.